Nyx Butter Gloss ♡

Hello, ♡
Here are my two favourite Butter Glosses from Nyx!

Creme Brulee- Creme Brulee is a pink toned nude. One layer leaves your lips with a soft baby pink glow, however when more layers are applied a strong pink colour can be achieved.

Tiramisu- Although the two shades are very similar (I'm a nude lip wearer hehe), Tiramisu is more of a brown toned nude that creates the perfect nude gloss.

These glosses are the creamiest, most moisturising glosses I've tried and I can't wait to try more shades! Also, the smell is DELICIOUS! Like sweets and desserts and all things yum!

You can grab these glosses here for £5 (an amazing price for such a good product), and they are also available in some Next stores around the UK!

Hope you enjoyed!
Claire xo